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¡Hola Makers!

Si estás en nuestra tienda, es porque tenemos muchas cosas en común, nos encanta la electrónica, robótica, mecánica, y por supuesto aprender de todo, somos curiosos, nos gusta armar y desarmar solo para entender su funcionamiento, nos une el entusiasmo y pasión por nuestras ideas, tenemos la convicción de que podemos hacer las cosas de una mejor manera e implementar ideas grandes y muy innovadoras utilizando diversos componentes electrónicos.

Nos gusta la programación y su integración con el Hardware, hemos realizado bastantes proyectos con Arduino como: Impresoras 3D, Máquinas CNC, Máquinas de grabado láser, Robots educativos y muchos más... y al igual que tú sabemos lo difícil que puede ser encontrar todas las partes para nuestros proyectos de electrónica, por ese motivo hemos creado la tienda para ti, que eres un apasionado por la electrónica, ven, aventúrate con nosotros y encuentra un mundo de posibilidades.

¿Quiénes Somos?

Somos una empresa panameña enfocada en el servicio y asesoría de Robótica Educativa Abierta y a Bajo Costo. Buscamos siempre estar a la vanguardia de lo último en tecnología y prototipos electrónicos que puedan servir para desarrollar la creatividad y aprendizaje de los estudiantes.


Contamos con una amplia gama de Microcontroladores, módulos, sensores, herramientas, Impresoras 3D y kits de robótica, haciendo que nuestro servicio sea personalizado y se adecue a las necesidades de cada uno de nuestros clientes.


En Lozury Tech tenemos como propósito brindar a nuestros clientes soluciones integrales satisfaciendo sus necesidades en cuanto a precio, calidad, cumplimiento y agilidad en la entrega.

Estamos enfocados en suministrar productos, servicios tecnológicos y soluciones para satisfacer las necesidades del sector educativo, comercial e industrial, en áreas como la robótica, sistemas de control, automatización de procesos e infraestructuras inteligentes.


Nuestra empresa conectará las áreas didácticas, industriales y comerciales la electrónica, constituyéndose en la mejor aliada estratégica de nuestros clientes.

Queremos ser pioneros y considerados como un referente en el suministro y asesoría de productos y servicios tecnológicos, tanto con fines empresariales como de la comunidad educativa.

Acompáñenos a cambiar la educación en Panamá.

  • How to make a purchase and what is the process?
    Making a purchase through our website is very simple. The steps are listed below: ​​ Select the products you want and put them in your shopping cart. Once you have everything you need in your cart, checkout. If you want to pay in Cash, Transfer, or debit or credit card: Use the manual payment option. If you want to pay by credit card online use the card payment option. When you select the most comfortable option for you, fill in all the required information: Name, surname, telephone, email, shipping address and postal code ("507" or "0000"). Select the shipping option: Metropolitan area, rest of the country (for shipments to the interior), other areas (costs vary) or if you wish to pick up the order. Confirm your payment method. Manual (cash only if withdrawn), transfer, Nequi, Yappy or Visa or MasterCard credit and debit cards (online card) Ready! You will get a screen with your order number and you will receive a confirmation email. An advisor will contact you in the next 24 hours to coordinate the delivery location. If you want to pick it up, you can contact us via WhatsApp at +507 6949-3414 or +507 6090-6743. Enjoy your products and start creating.
  • What is the attention hour? 🕐
    Delivery Schedule: We open when our clients need us 😉 Reference hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Service hours via WhatsApp: Almost 24/7 😂
  • Can I pay in cash? 💵
    Of course! For cash payments you must pick up your order directly at our warehouse, if you want to use our home service it must be an online payment (Through the website with Visa or MasterCard, Nequi, Yappy or ACH)
  • Are the products available for immediate delivery or do we have to wait?
    All the products that appear on the page are available in Stock for immediate delivery, you can withdraw them 30 minutes after buying them. If any product is not available, the page will mark it as "Out of Stock" these products may come in the next shipment if our supplier has them.
  • What are the payment methods?
    We have different payment methods. When you are going to finalize your purchase you will be able to choose between 2 payment options: Online Payment: You can do this through the page using a Visa or MasterCard card. (None of your data will be exposed or seen.) The payment provider for cards is Manual Payment: With this option you will have the availability to finalize your purchase and pay through ACH (Banistmo, Banco General or BAC), Nequi, Yappy, POS physical card (Visa - MasterCard) or in cash. These last two options only apply if you pick up your order at our warehouse.
  • How to know if a product is available? 🤷‍♀️
    Our page manages the inventory, if we do not have an item available in stock, the page will put it as Out of stock.
  • How can I track my order? 🔍
    Our delivery time is 2 business days (maximum) in the metropolitan area and 5 business days (maximum) in the rest of the country. After these days, you can contact us via email HERE or by WhatsApp +507 6090-6743 or +507 6949-3414 and we will immediately respond to your request
  • What are your home delivery options?🚚
    We offer door-to-door delivery service in Panama City and in the interior of the country in the main cities, in addition we also use the local Uno Express courier services for more remote areas. You can check the delivery areas HERE🚚
  • How soon can I get my order? ⏱
    Pick up in store You can withdraw your order within 30 minutes after completing your purchase, but it is important that you write to us and confirm by WhatsApp the availability of staff to make the delivery. Panama City If you make the purchase for shipping inZone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 3 we will do our best to send it to you the same day if your purchase was made before 3:00 pm strong> but at most we can take 48 hours to make the shipment, although do not worry that we will surely send it before. If your zone is Zone 3 or Zone 4 it is very likely that we will ship the next day and in a maximum time of 48 hours, although if you need it in a hurry you can contact us by WhatsApp and we will see if we can make an exception. Interior of the Country If you want it to arrive at the door of your house being in the interior or surrounding cities, we have the shipping option which takes between 2 to 5 business days since the courier service we use has preset routes. However, we have the option that you can pick it up at a nearby Uno Express branch, with this option the shipping time is 24 to 48 business hours approximately.
  • Can I pick up my order in person? 🛍
    Definitely! You just have to contact us via WhatsApp or Telegram at 6090-6743 or 6949-3414 to coordinate the time and day of withdrawal of the order in our warehouse located in Limajo. Note: Withdrawals must be made at least 30 minutes after placing the order.
  • What is your return policy?
    Well, our return policies are based on an exchange of the item or money and are applied as long as the return is made during the 30-day warranty period and is applied due to a manufacturing defect in the product. That being the case, you would contact us and within 48 hours we would exchange the item or refund your money if so warranted.
  • Do 3D printers have them in Stock?
    Yes, we keep all our products in Stock for immediate delivery, if you want a 3D printer we can deliver it to you even the same day, if you request the assembly service we can take just a few hours to assemble it and deliver it to you 😉
  • Do you offer 3D printing service? 😲
    Yes, you can send us your 3D files (.stl, .obj, .step, .f3d, etc.) to our email or even by WhatsApp to Sebastian at 6090-6743 to be able to quote you.< /p> If you don't have the design done, we can also offer you the 3D design service 😄
  • Do you offer the 3D Design service?
    Yes, you can send us your ideas or sketches to our email or even by WhatsApp to Sebastian at 6090-6743 to be able to quote you.
  • What do I do if a part of my 3D printer is damaged? ⚙️
    If it's an Anet ET4 or ET5 you don't have to worry since we are official distributors of the brand, therefore we have all the spare parts, consumables and accessories you may need. We also sell components and spare parts of other brands and some generic ones, you can consult us if you are looking for something in particular. In addition, we have the maintenance and repair service for 3D printers and we can help you.
  • Do you maintain 3D printers? 😥
    Of course you do! We have the maintenance and repair service for 3D printers of different brands.
  • Where did come from the name Lozury Tech? 🤔
    It is a question that many ask us. In fact, some call us: Luxury, Lozory, Luzury, etc. 🙈 And although for some it is a mystery, it turns out that the answer is even more basic hahaha The founders of Lozury Tech are Sebastián Lozano and Daniela Uribe. The surnames are Lozano-Uribe but it really sounded a bit ugly to say LozanoUribe Tech 😅 so we decided to shorten it a bit to LozUri, but with Latin i It didn't look that good, so in the end we decided to call it Lozury. Since what we sell is Technology, what better way to name it than Lozury Tech 😎 I hope this has solved the doubt of some 😉
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